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The company’s structure includes a marketing department, design and constructors groups.

The marketing department carries out market research on competitive products and their producers; draws plans for development of new products and strategies for targeting new areas of activity; implements new technologies and products in the company’s business; chooses and negotiates assembling products; offers the company’s products, assemblies and unconventional products, prepares project-budget documents for auctions participation.

The Design group is a separate group of thermotechnics specialists who can calculate heat losses and heat balance of: residential buildings, industrial premises, tourist buildings, technological installations in small milk, cheese, oil ,etc factories, painting chambers, wood steaming and drying installations, small canning establishments, tailoring firms for clothing, laundry units in the tourism field, ecological expertise on harmful emissions’ effect on the environment, gas installations of natural gas or propane-butane, etc.

The projects made by this group are consistent with the current legislation; they are being coordinated with all state-owned institutions.

The constructors group is a separate group of mechanical engineers who can calculate and construct various fuel types boilers for hot water and steam production. The group also designs and checks with the technical supervision authorities the so called HRE (High Risk Equipment).

The company’s industrial units and workshops possess the necessary equipment for the production of a wide range of products. The production of boilers is based where company’s Headquarters are established. In cases of unconventional articles production or impossibility to transport items to the assembly site, articles can be produced at the “mother” unit and assembled on site.  

The installation and repair units also possess the necessary instruments and specialized machinery for building heat installations on various sites, as well as performing repair activities throughout the country.


Repairs activity is based at the Repairs & Mechanical work unit and includes repairing industrial and energy boilers; boiler, steam and water installations for auxiliary facilities. Other activities being carried out at the unit are building of new boiler and heat installations, assembling auxiliary facilities (petrol property, pump stations, condense property, pipelines, tunnels, ducts etc), gasification of boiler centers and sites. The unit has the necessary machines, equipment and instruments to ensure quick and quality installation and repair.  


This activity is based at the Measurement & Control appliances and automation unit, which has a measurement and repair laboratory and also produces control consoles for steam and water-heating boilers. Other activities are delivery, binding and start-set service of fuel installations, revision and repair of petrol, gas and combined burners, technological regime set-up of the fuel process, electronic binding of all kinds of facilities – control consoles, pumps, fans etc, as well as laying of all kinds of cables. The unit also performs subscription maintenance of all kinds of fuel systems and boilers.

This unit performs furnace-building and repair of brick kettles, construction of fireproof and heat insulation masonry of boilers and furnaces, repair of muffles, as well as insulation of plane and pipelines with ecological materials certified for quality.
TUF Certification